Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hear Us Now?

Why conduct townhall meetings if you won't listen to your constituents?

They didn't listen then, but they hear us now.

When will liberals progressives communists learn? You are doomed to failure if you must 1) lie to get elected, 2) lie about the motives behind your votes, and then 3) run for re-election?

Next time, instead of cramming a massively unpopular bill down our throats only to find yourselves being voted out, ban elections first. Then vote in all your redistributionist collectivization nationalization communist decrees. Duh!

On the Spector loss, Karl Rove offers some caution in his WSJ article today, A Bad Day for the Obama Agenda:

Pennsylvania's Democratic primary did see a longtime incumbent lose. But here incumbency was less important than lack of principle. The defeat of Republican-turned-Democrat Arlen Specter shows opportunistic politicians are rarely trusted or accepted. Mr. Obama's endorsement in ads and appearances didn't save Sen. Specter.

The GOP would be better off if Mr. Specter had won. The weaknesses that became apparent in the primary would have doomed him in the fall. The race now, pitting former GOP Congressman Pat Toomey against Congressman Joe Sestak, will be among the country's hardest fought races.

Maybe so. But having to wait another five months to see Senator Spector lose would have been too long of a wait.

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