Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Afternoon Cigar

Rocky Patel Sun Grown.

We are still reading Robert Gellately's Lenin, Stalin and Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe.

Page 330 - Hitler:

He identified the Jews with the spirit of Communism. He referred to the famous phrase at the end of The Communist Manifesto (1848) by Marx and Engels, "Workers of the world unite," as "Jewish words." Hitler suggested an alternative motto: "Productive members of all nations recognize your common enemy!"

Say that in today's politically correct environment and our non-productive members (the Main Stream Media and the rest of the Democrats) would call you a "Hitler Lover".

Hitler was half right in his political philosophy and presentation. His two themes in all his speeches as he went from 1% popularity to 97% over a decade of effort were 1) Twisted, Racist and Hateful - 'down with the Jews', and 2) On Target and Dead Right - 'avoid Communism at all costs'. As for his choices for, and execution of, government policies, he was all wrong. Which puts him on the same level as the Communist dictators of the 20th century.

As for this "common enemy" that Hitler speaks of, check out New Zeal's latest post, The Covert Influence of The Communist Party USA.

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