Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Cigar

Santa Damiana.

From our daily blog scans:

English Russia has a post with newly found pictures from the Great Patriotic War:

Robin of Berekely asks at American Thinker: Was Jesus a Marxist?

It's bad enough that the radicals want our children, our newspapers, our money, and our health care. But hijacking God?

The Left tried first to separate people from God. They banished Him from schools and government; they ridiculed and mocked believers.

Their efforts having failed miserably (about 80% of all Americans still identity as Christian), so they turn to plan B: Contaminate the Word of God.
I think that the progressives know, deep inside, in places they keep well-hidden, that their souls are damaged.

Their movement is not really about redistribution, or social justice, or green power. It's about extinguishing the Light that exposes their brokenness.

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