Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Information as a Weapon for Freedom

"Kudos" to Google for two recent decisions!

1) China Pull-Out. Incredible, remarkable, commendable. After numerous privacy demands from the commies plus an elaborate hacking attack, Google chose to turn off their Chinese presence. No diplomatic summits. No olive branch compromises. Just a business decision based on business realities. Poof.

And who is left holding the bag? Microsoft gets to be the big player in China. Our slogan suggestion for Steve Ballmer: "Microsoft: Less Ethics Than Google".

2) Google, being all things data, has launched a site where you can view the number of government requests for either content removal or user account information. In other words, a list of countries which are more inclined to restrict information and/or waive privacy.

Luckily, the United States is way down in the list.... to #4. Click the image above to visit Google's new site.

Now if we can only get Google to commemorate Memorial Day. And Independence Day. And Christmas. And. And. And.

In the battle of ideologies, the Internet has been a powerful weapon against the left. Watch the coming elections, especially 2012, when incumbents' broken promises go viral on YouTube. And, as Google has used the web to display raw data of government attempts to censure, watch as more companies start displaying how much government is included in their product pricing.

Liberals Progressives Communists must hide their true intentions behind lies. More and more, those lies will be exposed and shared.

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