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Commie Thoughts on Wisconsin

We thought we'd go visit the Communist sites to see what they are saying about the recent events in Madison. Amazingly, some of the premier sites didn't have anything yet. Would it be too judgmental to suggest their organizations are made up of lazy bums?

The issue: WI Gov. Walker must balance the state budget. To do this, he is asking public union members to contribute to their pension and healthcare benefits in a manner similar to private-sector workers. The alternative: lay off at least 5400 state workers. The bill will also give union members the ability to opt-out of their union dues - about $700-$1000 per teacher per year.

And, President Obama came out this week in support of the unions and said this bill is an "assault on the unions".

Here is what the Communists are saying:

From Liberation - Wisconsin: Largest day of labor demonstrations yet.

A strong sentiment of solidarity has been forged between the community, students and workers from various unions. Placards with messages such as “United we bargain, divided we beg” and “Ironworkers support teachers” are seen everywhere. Handwritten signs in support of the workers covered the windows of restaurants, cafes and other small businesses around the capitol. A plane flew overhead with a banner stating, “We support working families.” Similar messages of solidarity were seen all around.

The Tea Party, which had scheduled for today its first “big rally” in support of Walker and his legislative assault on labor, mustered only enough support for a minuscule demonstration that was completely dwarfed by the mass presence of labor and its supporters.

From the Socialist Equality Party - The Wisconsin protests and the re-emergence of the American working class.

The financial aristocracy that rules America is every bit as removed from and hostile to masses of working people as the dictatorial regime that was headed by President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.
The Republican Walker is moving to shred collective bargaining and dictate terms of employment for state employees, imposing drastic attacks on pensions, health care and working conditions, while keeping wage increases below the rising cost of living.

Two posts from the Anarchist News - National Call-Out from Madison, WI.

the militant rank n file are organizing events and trying to push this past the union issue, further into our society.

With that said the political situation is heating up in Wisconsin and Madison seems to be ground zero. Please consider spending your weekend in Madison and working with other unionists to stop this legislation while at the same time pushing for a more radical action. Things are moving very quickly and we are in need of strong organizers who are experienced in every facet of the trade.
Our goal is solidarity, not competition, as we try to find common ground with the more militant members of the public sector.

And, Wisconsin: A Sign of Things to Come.

The malignant genius of the conservative movement has been its ability to convince middle and working class people, particularly whites, to vote against their own interests. This is accomplished by playing to racial and religious bigotry. The result is an astonishing number of working class people who have negative views of labor unions.

American Socialist Party of Wisconsin - Protesters Statewide.

Your voices are being heard loud and clear, the economic capitalists (republicans) who have driven Americans into ruin by creating a 80 percent service sector (nationwide) and removed the industry of well paying jobs by sending them overseas. Republicans are intentionally trying to now remove workers rights to the remaining 20 percent (nationwide) from the governmental jobs remaining.
The only way to regain what has been lost is to make a real and tangible statement by bringing back socialists to elected government.

Worker's World - Tens of thousands liberate state Capitol in Madison to oppose anti-worker legislation.

Those protesting have pledged the Senate and Assembly will be faced with mass resistance of various kinds if they attempt to pass the bill.
A Bail Out the People Movement solidarity statement issued on Feb.14 declared: “What the rich and the powerful want to do is strip us all of our rights and to make all workers into virtual slaves, both in the public sector and private. The so-called deficit crisis is being used as an excuse to attack workers in every sector, from private to public. We say no! Make the banks get off of the money they are hoarding. Tax them and the rich! Take the trillions of dollars wasted on war and propping up dictatorships and spend it on the people. We should tell Gov. Scott Walker: Hands off the public workers or we will do what the youth and people of Egypt did! Come and stay at Wisconsin’s Capitol in the thousands until they listen! We will take up the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and march, sit-in and link arms with our sisters and brothers until justice is won.”

Bailout People - Emergency call for national actions Friday, February 18 and Saturday, February 19 in support of Wisconsin workers and students.

The Capitol is the property of the people of Wisconsin and is supposed to function for the good and welfare of the people. When it is used to wage war against their lives, the people have the legal and moral right to take it back into their own hands. The National Guard is supposed to help with floods and disasters, not to move against their sisters and brothers.

And the Democrat National Committee Blog - Fight for Our State Workers.

We’ve got a fight on our hands and it’s personal. Over the past few days serious developments have surfaced of Governor Scott Walker presenting a “Budget Repair Bill” that will essentially gut collective bargaining for public employees here in our own backyard of Wisconsin.

Over the next couple days nurses, teachers, snowplow drivers, prison guards, and public servants will be standing together to let Governor Walker, know what is at stake: livelihoods, heath care, our children's education, and the rights of all workers.

SEIU - Calendar of this week's events.

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