Sunday, February 20, 2011

NK News

Two noteworthy North Korean news items from this past week:

From the WSJ, North Korea Frets Over Spread of Livestock Disease:

SEOUL—A swiftly moving disease that has decimated South Korean livestock and damaged the country's food production now appears to be out of control in North Korea.
North Korea, which faces chronic food shortages and whose authoritarian government resists interaction with outsiders, hasn't taken any apparent steps to cull animals infected with the disease, as South Korea did.

And from Chosun, N.Korea 'Importing Animal Feed for Human Consumption':

North Korea is reportedly importing animal feed grain from China to distribute on the market for human consumption as the regime struggles with food shortages.

If they are feeding the military with animal feed, then what are they feeding the thousands in the Gulags?

Food - the ultimate weapon of Communists, can also be the ultimate weapon against Communists. Will the animal feed suffice in North Korea, or will it lead to a Ceausescu moment?

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