Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unions & Perceptions

We are emboldened by the shift in public opinion of public unions.

We've long looked at this fraud as modern-day slavery, where our fellow Americans are lured by a high wage only to lose that wage when their masters tell them to strike, engage in a work slowdown, "get bloody" (Malkin), or engage in some other business-damaging behavior.

It pulls everybody down and nobody wins.

The Blaze is reporting a union thug assaulting a non-union man in Sacramento yesterday.

It has been decades since unions engaged in violence, but they're back. We see the recent surge in violence from union members a result of this shift in public opinion. Desperation has set in, and a more aggressive tone is can be an expected human reaction from a group of people with a lot to lose.

We suspect the violence has two purposes: 1) the gut-reaction to this shift in public opinion, and 2) an intimidation tactic.

We doubt a favorable public opinion will return. The question is: will we be intimidated?

Some cartoons we found at Townhall:

Found at Michelle Malkin's blog:

As you watch this video, remember: the unions are voting "no" on a bill that will save all union jobs. Do these speakers really care for the 'workers', or do they care about political leverage and uninterrupted union dues?


An excellent video (U/T: NiceDeb) on the assault in Sacramento mentioned above. Shows the thug from start to finish, plus his explanation for his behavior. He's union, which means he's a Democrat, which means he's a Communist. Communists lie, cheat and steal, and tolerate others to do so.

The GOP has released a video (U/T: New Zeal) suggesting these union issues will be a leading theme in the 2012 elections.

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