Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Syria II

Our first Syria post is getting a big bloated, so we'll start a new one here.

Besides, the story has taken a turn since our last post.  Our dear leader has blinked.  He is now wondering if 1500 gassed Syrians is worthy of a US response.  He is punting to Congress with the hope that they can get him out of this corner he's painted himself into.

First, an observation from Rawdog.  Did our dear leader mis-speak, again?  Or has Rawdog discovered something that the entire media establishment missed?

We received a hat tip from Diann over at All The Right Snark for suggesting this photo:

She also posted this one on FB:

We're not sure about these following pictures of active duty military protesting possible deployment in a Syrian theater of war.  Call us undecided, as we seem to be on both sides of the fence at the moment.

First, no soldier wants to go to war.  Any war.  This is the reason why it is best to elect a president with a military background.  Ah, live and learn.

Second, our military is the last useful government organization, period.  It is filled with incredible men and women who risk everything, and who have always answered the call of duty.

Now that call is being answered with this social media protest, albeit by only a few.  A sign that our military is going the way of the USPS, NSA, IRS, and DMV?

We don't want one American on the ground anywhere near Syria.  Well, ok, maybe Barney Frank could go over there and spread the message of tolerance...

Boots on the ground is not the proper response to the use of chemical weapons.  The proper American response, which is weeks late in our opinion, can be done without risking the life of one American.

If the NSA can read these words as I type them, the DOD can pinpoint the location of Assad, his family, and key Syrian infrastructure.

We see these photos of service men are a symptom of our social media culture, the "me" culture.

When we were in the military and wondered what our opinion was on a certain subject, there was always someone close by to help us.  In fact, that help would often pre-empt our own thoughts.

The positive of using social media is the potential for an issue to go viral.  And pointing out that any damage to the Assad regime in Syria is, in effect, a favor to Al Qaeda has triggered such a viral effect.  Of course, there is no rule that says we can't thump Al Qaeda next.  We have enough bombs to go around, right?

Maybe such a protest is the only way to get the message out.  We all agree we won't hear a contrary view from our media.

Our men in uniform didn't take photos of themselves protesting the coming war in the Pacific in 1942, or in Europe in 1944.  And while Forrest Gump and the liberal left would want you to think otherwise, there are only a few photos of military men in uniform protesting the Vietnam war 20 years later. 

UPDATED 10:20am:

We found two excellent posts related to ours:  Doug Ross and MoonBattery, who comments:
It will take a while to purge the military of patriots and turn it into a cross between a make-work jobs program and a San Francisco bathhouse. In the meantime, Obama should watch how fast he pushes his anti-American agenda.

UPDATED 9.9 Noon:

Now that's funny!

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