Monday, September 23, 2013

Unions: Modern Day Slave Owners

Here is a video of a union protest in Walmart.

Something tells me these people wouldn't be that energetic if they were on the clock.

It is odd to consider that there is a class of people in America that will expend all kinds of energy to hurt others (people or corporations), but expend the absolute minimum in their own employment.

Unions are the modern day slave owners.  They are the festering cancer of marxists seeking, as Marx did, relevance in an economy that has passed them by.

They hold the pensions, and promises of a better wage, over the heads of their slaves.  And not just low-skilled labor like these Walmart dancers, but also of police, fire and others.

They punish those within their ranks that go elsewhere to earn a living, even when no union employment is available.  They set the bar for performance low, then push it lower.

They reward the lowest common denominator and punish those who excel (ie. teachers). 

Their entitlement attitude becomes generational, eliminating the value of work ethic, honesty and a day's hard work from each successive generation. 

Sure, there is probably something positive we could say about unions.  Let's see. 


Oh ya!

They set the standard for power napping:

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