Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Have We Turned The Corner?

Excellent election results from yesterday.

First, Weiner is out.  No doubt he'll run again for something, but it'll be nice to be rid of him for a while.  Granted: no doubt the new NY mayor is a flaming lib, so no real victory here.

Is that his finger?

And in Colorado, two state senators were ousted for their recent support of draconian, neananderthal, middle-ages-like gun-control laws.  Senate president John Morse and senator Angela Giron were shown the door by their constituents for over-stepping their assigned roles.  Kudos to Colorado.  Now on to the secession.

If these elections had gone the other way, we'd be told by our MSM betters that voters had rejected the extremist pro-gun and pro-values views of the Republicans, and that this is a sign of more Democrat victories to come.  So, using that same logic:  Is 2014 going to be our year?

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