Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Red Line Talk


We've gone hoarse the past few days as we've been screaming at the media elites and their misleading statements about Obama's "Red Line."

Everyone that we've heard discuss this starts their timeline with "Obama's Red Line."

In fact, the timeline starts before Obama's "Red Line" statement.

The timeline starts with Assad threatening to use chemical weapons if the rebels gain momentum against regime forces.  The "Red Line" was.  in.  response. to. Assad's. threat.

So, when you hear Rush or others talk about the Al Qaeda rebels using Sarin gas in order to frame Assad, remember these key points:

1) Assad threatened the use of chemical weapons a year ago, which prompted Obama's "Red Line" comment.  A comment that has exposed Obama as an irresponsible and incompetent ruler these past few weeks.

2) Sarin gas is very difficult to handle, store and transport.  A government with a chemical weapons program is far more likely to use the weapon properly, as it was.

Was it Assad?  We don't know.

Could the Al Qaeda rebels have gassed their own people - of course.  Dancing in blood is dancing in blood to those people.

Could our media - both old and new - take responsibility for their statements?  Could they report the full timeline?  Apparently, both old and new are pushing agendas.

Just because we do not trust our president.  Just because we've come to learn that his view of America is far different than our founders' and our greatest presidents'.  Just because his is a pursuit of reparations and redistribution.  Just because we've discovered he is a liar - doesn't mean everything he says is a lie.

The time is long past for the response we wanted.  Assad and his leaders should be dust, regardless if they used the WMD.  The message should have been sent that anyone who is suspected of using weapons of mass destruction will be thumped by chest-pounding neo-cons.

It is the only real deterrent.

As to the theory that Assad is innocent.  Shouldn't we have seen him rushing to the cameras and to the UN immediately after the chemical attack?  Why are the people who first consider Assad's innocence Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh?

We're off to get some tea and honey.

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