Monday, September 16, 2013

Breaking: Govt Employee Goes on Shooting Rampage in Gun Free Zone

12 dead and several wounded near DC.

Still too early for details, but here is what we know.  Shooter was a black male government employee with a criminal history.

 Did he go postal?  Did he go Jihad?  Was it racial?  Did he target his victims, or was it random?  Will this shooting get more coverage than the daily shootings in Chicago?

Related: In another liberal city, New York, two bystanders were wounded in a police shooting.  The police didn't hit their target and after 3 shots tased the bad guy.  Here is a citizen video:

Just another day in Obama's America.

Let's see how long it takes for MSNBC to blame me for these events.   5.  4.  3....


First, corrections:  The DC shooter was not a government employee.  He served in the Navy, but the voices in his head got him kicked out in 2011.

We should have guessed this by the simple logic:  How many government employees does it take to kill 12 people?  Until ObamaCare starts, the answer to this question is >1.  If we have a single shooter and 12 dead, it is mathematically impossible for that shooter to be a civil service employee.

Motive is still unknown, although deficit reduction is now a possibility.  Tea-Party affiliation is still unknown.  Racial make-up of victims is still unknown.

What is known is the cafeteria was full of government employees at 8:15am.  One ponders how many would have been killed if he attacked at 4pm?

He shot from the 4th floor into the cafeteria, as if it was shooting fish in a barrel.  But we know fish are productive before 8:15am.

Having been private sector our whole life (or Army), we can't recall the last time we were in a cafeteria at 8:15am.  We're reminded of a 1981 Army commercial:

Apparently the shooter started his attack with his own shotgun, but then took firearms off of the security/police who he shot. There are still conflicting reports that one of the guns he took off of a guard or police officer was the dreaded AR-15.

Our research is limited to some FB discussion when time permits.  Here are some FB posts by hat-owner and gun-blogger, Tam:
Omigod! The AR15 got away! Put out an All-Points-Bulletin! Those things are murderous!

Shooter used to live in DFW? I'm pretty comfortable saying this was George Bush's fault, then.

Joe Biden, do you know where your shotgun is?

Hey, I know! They should make it illegal to steal high-capacity magazines off dead cops.
You can scold us for making light of this tragedy.  Of course we feel bad for the victims and their families.  We have been quite clear in Ushanka's 6+ years that we are against murder in any form.

But come on.  A gun-free zone mass-shooting in the city with the most oppressive gun laws? 

Not as if anyone is listening, but..... "I told you so."

UPDATED 9.17.13 2:45pm:

Shotgun or AR-15?  CNN has the answer:

It sure is easy to figure out the media's intended narrative here.  This is no longer a story about 12 dead, the dozens of gun-control laws ignored, or some mentally-ill person that existed under the radar of government agencies that are paid to take responsibility of the mentally ill.  It is a story about gun-control - specifically, how can we get more of it.

We're tempted to say the media has hit a new low by doing anything possible to get "AR-15" into the coverage, but this is nothing new.

UPDATED 9.17.13 4pm:

A warning from our comrade over at Knuckledragg'in:
Are y’all prepared for the coming storm over this? Because if you think this shooting that YOU had nothing to do with isn’t going to affect your 2A Rights, you’re fucking stupid.

Be prepared. The very least that’s going to happen is more regulation and control. You can also expect another drought of ammo and firearms as the panic buying begins again. We were just starting to recover from the Sandy Hook shooting as far as ammo and firearms availability went.

But getting back to the gun control that’s sure to come out of this, it’s not going to be just California and New York this time. This shit is going to go federal, mark my words.

Get what you can while you can, people.
Yesterday's shooting is similar to the shooting that starts Matt Bracken's trilogy, Enemies.  Click here for book #1.

UPDATED 9.17.13 9pm:

We've been pondering the reaction of those government civilians targeted in yesterday's shooting.   We have some experience with people like those targeted.  We 'worked' with government civilians during our time in the Army, plus we've frequented the US Post Office many times over our 40+ years.

How did they react to the shooting from above?

We won't know until video is released or witnesses share their experiences, but we suspect this video sums it up.

Regardless of their reactions, we wonder how many continued sitting at their cafeteria tables expecting their armed security to resolve the situation.

And a FB Comrade posted these photos of Obama voters:

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