Saturday, December 24, 2011

War with Great Britain. Again?

Today's WSJ: Trans-Atlantic Spat Over MF Global

It appears $600-700 million dollars is owed to UK customers of MF Global.  This is in addition to the $1.2 billion missing in US customer accounts.

There is a question of where this gets resolved: in US courts or UK courts.

We are wondering: at what point does this theft result in war?  

It is an act of war for one country to steal from another, no?

And since the Obama regime has chosen to overlook any wrongdoing by their buddy and fellow Democrat, Corzine, it appears this theft of nearly $2 billion is within acceptable limits and is now endorsed by our government.

We are not talking about a shooting war.  Great Britain's strategic disarmament is a few years ahead of ours.  They couldn't even if they wanted to.  Besides, we're still on their good side after Obama gave the queen an iPod with his speeches loaded into the memory.

But an economic war is fully justified.  Why not tax US imports/exports and travel to the tune of $700 million to restore their investors?  If you don't do this when you are robbed of $700 million, what number will her majesty's kingdom fight for?

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