Monday, December 05, 2011

My Paycheck

James Kvaal is the Commissar Director of Policy for Obama For America, the as-of-yet toothless organization that exists to organize communities to agitation via email distribution lists.

And to spread this lie that Obama has been trying to cut taxes:

The same failed organization that has sent us email invitations to win an opportunity to lunch with our Dear Leader if we only donate $3.  We'd rather give that $3 in price cuts to our wonderful Commie Obama hat customers!

He sent us a personal note over the weekend:

Karl --

In case you missed it -- yesterday Congress voted on a bill that gave them two simple choices:

A) Let President Obama's payroll tax cut expire, raising a typical family's taxes by more than $1,000 next year, or

B) Extend and expand the tax cut, helping 160 million people and letting that same family keep $1,500. Click here to find out what it does for you.

The payroll tax cut would be paid for by requiring millionaires and billionaires to pay a little more. But some in Congress think millionaires and billionaires should get to keep paying the already-low rate they get, thanks to the Bush tax cuts.

This one isn't complicated.

No James, it isn't complicated for the following two reasons:

A) Those millionaires and billionaires are already paying 90% of our nation's bills, and

B) We aspire to join their ranks.

We'll probably fail, but that is not stopping us from getting up early in the morning and giving it our best.  That is the only known way to succeed.  

The good news for you, James, and our Dear Leader is that if we do succeed, we'll create many jobs and many new taxpayers.  

Yes, despite taking our shower this morning, we are in the 99%.  But hopefully not for long.

So James, Commissar Director of Policy for Obama For America, go pound sand.

PS:  Google - your new Blogger interface sucks!  Definitely designed by liberals!

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