Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whites of Their Eyes

Found a new blog, Looking in the Mirror, through Oleg's site today.  And this quote from his Dec 26 post, Napoleonic Ammunition Conservation:

How foolish is it to choose to die with a full cartridge box.

The enemies of liberty are all around, and close. You can see them on TV and on the internet. They are "whites of their eyes" close to us every day.

This is not Bunker Hill. Patriots are not nearly out of ammunition. Smoothbore muskets are for enthusiasts, re-enactors, and museums. The initiative is still there for the taking.

Jose Guerena saw the whites of their eyes. So did Solzhenitsyn, and millions of Russians.

Wait, if you wish, for many reason. Just don't wait until it is too late. Do not decide now to give the enemy the initiative in all cases.

Do not be the lone crossbowman holding his fire until he sees the whites of the armored knight's eyes behind his visor. Shoot that horse down as far away as you can. Then run, and do it again when you must.

You can see "the whites of their eyes" quite well while strapped to a torture chair. Likewise from your cell. You can see the whites of their eyes while standing against the wall. There's plenty of time for that, later.

What am I saying here, what do I mean?

I am saying that when citizens' hands are forced, they should not limit themselves based on Napoleonic era smoothbore ammunition conservation techniques. Neither should they base their decisions on a movie. Any movie, even Lord of the Rings. They should base their decisions based on METT-T, the current reality, and risks vs. rewards. Nothing else. Cold. Calculated.

I am saying citizens should have already by now have made their decisions and drawn their lines.

I am saying that when "that time" comes...



Good advice, with some good pictures in the post.

 You can read our take on Jose Guerena, here and here.

 The entire blog is 'our take' on Solzhenitsyn.

UPDATE 5 minutes later....

Looking in the Mirror blogger may be a Ron Paul fan....

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