Monday, December 12, 2011

It is OK now

It is officially OK now to call Obama a Communist.

As you know, we've been violating this rule like a Penn State coach violating....

We've been doing it for over five years, and you haven't heard ESPN say a word.  Have you?

Rush said "Communist" is now a valid label.  He approved "Marxist" and "Statist" in 2009, and increased his use of the label "Socialist" last year.  We've tracked it here as you know, and his only use of the words "communism" and "communist" were used in the heat of the moment.  Rush is a highly trained broadcaster, and a master of the English language.  He is always careful with what he says, and deserves his success even if he is three years late to the Commie Obama party.

Some quotes from Rush's show last Wednesday and Thursday where he reacts to Our Dear Leader's speech in Kansas:

If you just substitute the word "proletariat" for every time he said "worker" or "middle class" in his speech, if you subject "bourgeois" or "capitalists" for the rich, this same speech could have been given by Lenin a hundred years ago. In fact, it is, my friend, and don't doubt me, the same speech that Stalin always gave, that Mao Tse-tung always gave, that Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-il still give. Communist leaders around the world give this speech constantly.
Class warfare is how Marx explained everything. Now, oddly enough it's how Obama explains everything now. He blames all of the current problems on the rich. And to think some people still say Obama's not a Marxist. They won't even call him a socialist. It's willful blindness...
This is winning the future. Everything Barack Obama said he was for yesterday has been tried throughout history over and over again, the same Marxism has been tried, and it's failed everywhere. It's led to nothing but untold millions of dead people and incalculable misery and suffering.
I want you people who believe Obama to go around the world for me. I want you to find any socialist, Marxist, communist country and I want you to find for me a prosperous, thriving, happy middle class. I want you to find for me a country where a wall has not been built to keep them in.
Folks, I don't think any longer it is improper to use the word "communist" to describe Obama, communism to describe his objectives, nor is it wrong to use the word "communist" or "communism" to associate with the trade labor movement, be it the AFL-CIO or the mine workers or the SEIU. I mean they've made it clear, Obama came out of the closet.

Glad to have Rush on board.  Until the others catch up we'll continue asking the important questions, like:

 Does the shiny gold hammer and sickle 
bring out the gold in our Dear Leader's name?

Only a week left to order the furry hat if you want it delivered by Christmas!

Don't wait for Rush to mention the hat.  We have a fixed supply and it'll be sold out roughly 2 minutes after Rush plugs it!

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Toaster 802 said...

Rush has it right. I think labeling ObotOne a National Socialist is closer to the mark, but if the meme takes off, who cares about splitting hairs?

Keep "hammering" away!

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Obama.