Monday, December 05, 2011

Col. North

Found at Cancer Ward:

Funny story - The Mrs. and I met Col. North at a speaking engagement in the Republik of Kalifornia back in the 90's.  We'd show you the picture, but comrade Mikhail was taking the picture and he has an advanced stage of non-diagnosed parkinsons that becomes spastic when in the presence of Col. North and when being trusted with taking a very. important. picture.

 It probably looks something like this, although Mikhail never did show us.

Mikhail can be forgiven, as it wasn't his first time with Col. North.  They joined forces a long time ago on behalf of some freedom fighters who were killing Commies to save their country.  Also known as:

God's Work

Rule #1 here at Ushanka: if you contribute to the killing of communists anywhere on this planet, A) in our eyes it is impossible for you to do anything wrong, and B) the Kentucky Bourbon is on us.


rjp said...

Saw Col. North speak an a college lecture series back in the 80s. We need more of his type in military leadership.

Karl said...

I thought he'd throw his hat in the ring in 2008. he'd make a great VP pick *hint* *hint*