Monday, December 19, 2011

The Only Good Commie... UPDATED x6 a dead commie.

Kim Jung Il is now Kim Jung Dead - CNN.

North Korea's universal health care system was unable to keep their Dear Leader alive long enough to complete his tireless work in bringing prosperity to all North Koreans through centralized planning and control.

He leaves the bankrupt country and nuclear arsenal to his son, Kim Jung Un, aka The Great Successor.

He also leaves an estimated 300,000 political prisoners in the North Korean Gulags.

Is Fidel Castro next?

UPDATE 11am:

Gizmado: Six Ways Kim Jong Il Sucked at Technology

Tumblr Photos: Kim Jong Il Looking at Things


The hat in mourning.

Stay tuned for more news from the North.

The news spreads fast on the Internet.  Gallery.

More news to follow.

UPDATED 4:40pm

ABC News shows empathy.  

UPDATED 12.20 10am

Found through Doug Ross:

UPDATED 12.20 2pm

Found at Caveman Circus - Click to watch parts 2 and 3:

UPDATED 12.23 2:30pm

Be sure to wear the furry hat if you feel a good cry coming on.

These North Koreans are smart.  We too would rather cry on command and have one meal a day rather than not cry and hunt rats in our re-education camp.

Pic from Reuters.

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