Thursday, December 01, 2011

Rush - A Tribute

Rush Limbaugh is the man.  No doubt about it.

He said in 5 minutes on yesterday's show what we've been trying to express over 5 years here at

This is serious. There are people in our country who think that this election will determine, in the long run, whether we remain a free people or not. And by free people, we're not talking about dungeons and political prisoners in cells and this kind of stuff like you find in Cuba. That's not what people mean. That doesn't have to happen in order for you to lose your freedom. Your freedom can be taken away from you with an increased tax rate. Your freedom can be taken away from you with your private property rights being infringed upon. You own something but you can't do anything with it, you can't do what you want with it, you can't even own it. There's any number of ways that we can lose our liberty and freedom without being thrown in jail and without a police state per se.

So a lot of people really do think that America, as a nation of free people, is at stake here and that this election is about that. But it's not just this election. One election is not going to be a magic elixir. It's just the first step of many that's going to have to take place. We have arrived where we are slowly and steadily over 50 years, if not more. The left did not wave a magic wand and get us to this point. Now, they've been building to it and building to it, but look how quickly they were able to get us to the tipping point with their right candidate being elected president of the United States. A total sham candidate who ran on a series of lies and hoaxes and frauds.

But people fell for it. It doesn't take much. All you gotta do is run around and say, "You know what? I'm gonna lower the sea levels and I'm gonna raise the sunshine, and I'm gonna give you health care. You're gonna get the best health care you ever had and it's not gonna cost you anything. I'm gonna get rid of all of insurance premiums. I'm gonna get rid of all screening. I'm gonna get rid of all preexisting conditions. You want health care, you're gonna get it, and the millionaire down the street is gonna pay for it. Who would say no to that? Especially when you have a population that has been educated to think that that's just.


You don't need prisons to lose your freedom. Look at political correctness. People stifle themselves. People will refuse to exercise their own First Amendment rights out of fear for what might be heard. Somebody might be offended, somebody might be upset. So people willingly, willfully give up freedom every day of the week. Political correctness has resulted in self-policing of your thoughts.

Thanks Rush. Keep up the great work!

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