Friday, December 02, 2011

The Herman Cain Problem

We wanted to write a negative post on Herman Cain. It seems to be all the rage among our fellow bloggers.

 We don't know all the facts yet about the latest woman and latest claim. And the information on the earlier claims seem to sit in the gray area between a) he's a sex-crazed black man, and b) these are attention-seeking ideological has-been pawns being paid or encouraged to lie by as-yet unidentified backers of a unprecedented smear.

 We think we are still at <50% of claimants actually identifying themselves and backing their claims of chin-pointing and other read-between-the-lines accusations that were too weak to report at the time unless there was some $$ to be had.

This presents an interesting contrast to the Penn State claimants who are coming forward to report 100+ rapes by Sandusky.

 So while we wallow in this MSM-generated gray area (aka The Means), and Mr. Cain's donations and support drop off as his time runs out (aka The Ends), we are left to the following logical conclusions:


 If Cain had a 13-year affair with Ginger White (Nat'l Journal) as she claims, he should compare less favorably to his fellow GOP candidates.

 If Cain had a 13-year affair with Ginger White as she claims, she is less loyal than Rielle Hunter (ABC) who stayed quiet and in the shadows. 

So, not only would Cain be an adulterer, he is also a bad judge of character.  Would that bad judgement carry over to his Cabinet picks?


 The fun was watching The Politico spew out hundreds of Cain smears before the first woman identified herself and claimed the abhorrent chin-pointing offense. The Politico became a punchline, exposed themselves as partisan hacks, and almost drowned in their own filth.

 They have shown themselves to be careful in other scandals of a sexual nature. For example, The Politico has not reported on the Obama gay bath-house (Man's Country - NSFW) rumors.

 Man's Country now has wi-fi! Their website explains: a private membership club for men 18 years and older. Man's Country Chicago is a clean, safe place to hang out, meet guys who share the same interest as you. Socialize, make friends, watch porn and play! Man's Country Chicago - Where real men meet.

Doug Ross has the story, which includes the names of gay men Larry Sinclair and Kal Penn.  The story does not share the name of one ex-girlfriend of Obama's, and explains why.  Among other things we learned from Doug's post is the term "beard" and that Commie Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's childhood mentor, was (or is rumored to be) a pedophile.

Some would suggest a double standard in coverage and manufactured outrage.


Remember when you could carry on an affair with a girl the same age as your daughter, who was your employee, and whose career you attempted to help using your position of authority?

And nobody cared?!

Those were the days!  Perjury, sexual harassment, rape.  Or what the left calls "just sex" or "private matters."


That was then.  But when your side is losing in the polls, chin-pointing is the new rape.

Stay Tuned to for the obligatory 'Herman Cain is a Horrible Person' post.  It could come any day now.

We're not saying these claims are false.  We are just giving Cain the same respect and distance as the MSM/Politico gives to others.

Cain is still our 2nd to Bachman.  Our primary vote will be based on loyalty.  Who's been the earliest and most consistent with the Tea Party values?  We'll be as loyal to them as we expect them to be loyal to us when they take office.

The left calls that 'closed minded', but they have a lot invested in the dilution of values in America.  It is the only way to win elections.

U/T: Kevin Dujan, source for Doug's Post, who adds:

Someday, when the Left no longer needs Barack Obama to push the Left’s agenda, this protection will be gone and you’ll spend the last few decades of your life hearing all about Larry Sinclair, Kal Penn, Reggie Love, Man’s Country, Jeremiah Wright’s Down-Low Club, and the many men Barack Obama has been with through the years.  I’m sure a great many books will be written on all of this and a great deal of money will be made by the media companies selling the scandal of it all to the public.

But, for now Barack Obama is the Left’s guy, so he’s getting the full-on Rock Hudson/Liberace protection treatment.

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