Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pro-Choice: Advertising UPDATED

We proclaim that we are pro-choice when it comes to advertising!

Those pro-ad-mandaters can go pound sand - Our advertising budget, our choice!

Lowes, and now Kayak, have pulled their ads from TLC's All American Muslim show.

We cancelled cable a while back so we know absolutely nothing about the show.  But what is there to know?  It must be some panty-waste lib-media attempt to show members of the evil political movement, Islam, in a positive way.  ie. not wearing a bomb vest, performing honor killings, conducting male orgies or mutilating their women.

Here is part one of Ann Barnhardt's Islam presentation as a refresher:

Parts two, three, and four.

Kayak CEO:

The first thing I discovered was that TLC was not upfront with us about the nature of this show. As I said, it's a worthy topic, but any reasonable person would know that this topic is a particular lightning rod. We believe TLC went out of their way to pick a fight on this, and they didn't let us know their intentions. That's not a business practice that generally gets repeat business from us.

Evil 1%'er!  How dare you not bend to public (lib) demands to give money to TLC.  We decide how you spend your money, not you!

Until Lowes or Kayak start advertising at or, they are only setting half a standard.  But we'll take half, as it is a step in the right direction and better than we're getting from others.

Here is our latest advertising concept.  Two days left to order one of our furry Commie Obama hats and receive it before Christmas - the day we celebrate the birth of our savior.

UPDATED 12.16:

Midwest Chick has a related post and mentions Lowes was threatened by a CA politician.

1 comment:

rjp said...

Smart move on Kayak's part.

What travel agent would want to be associated with the show?

It must be killing Obama to hear this and not be able to force them to advertise on TLC.

I haven't seen the show either, haven't had cable for 12 years, TV just doesn't have that much value to me.