Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Weasel Zippers posted this video of Romney refusing to call Obama a Socialist.

We are going to take a pass on getting offended at Romney for missing a great opportunity here.

This shows how much of a pro Romney is to evade this question without looking like a dork.  He's avoiding the name-calling business and at the same time explaining all of Obama's failures.  Clever.  We are glad he is one of our GOP finalists.

Everybody watching the O'Reilly show were yelling "YES!".  Maybe even some were wearing our cool hat.

This name calling is best left to fringe bloggers like us and those excellent bloggers listed to the left.  Let's have the MSM keep asking the question, and our guys keep avoiding the question!

For those still on the fence, click the label below to view all our posts on this particular subject.

We'd also recommend a visit to our Obama To-Do List.  It shows Obama's activities in relationship to the Illuminati 5-steps to Communism.

Remember Comrades, actions speak louder than words.  Not just for Obama, but for our GOP presidential candidates too.

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