Monday, December 12, 2011

Indy Blogmeet

We had a coveted seat at the roundtable of the knife-weilding bloggers on Saturday in chilly Indianapolis!

Few tables rank up there with the Indy Blogmeet:

These bloggers are wicked smart and it wasn't easy to stump them on a history quiz.

Question: Of the four promises Lenin made when he took power, which two were also given by Our Dear Leader Barack Obama in 2008?

Tam was first with "Universal Health Care", and The Jack won with "Get the nation out of war." Both won our Commie Obama hat and are guaranteed warm ears when they report for re-education.

Lenin's four promises:

1) Spread electricity across the country,
2) Universal Health Care,
3) Landowners can keep their property, and
4) Get the nation out of war.

Lenin and Obama have lied about one each.  Lenin applied some hope and change to property rights after a few months of trying it the old way.  And Obama has adopted his predecessor's war strategy by not only keeping us in two wars, but dropping bombs in Libya and arming anti-government forces in Mexico. 

Obama never promised to retain property rights, so he's under no obligation to maintain those.  Right?

And Lenin wasn't so much anti-war as much as he had other, internal, uses for the troops.

Many hammer & sickle thanks to Roberta X for arranging the meeting and approving our attendance after a thorough background check and blood test!   Luckily The Politico didn't have time to run a hundred smear articles on us!

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UPDATE 12.13:

Forgot this table.  Now the list is complete.

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