Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big News Today

Not enough time to comment on today's news, but BIG news nonetheless.

1) The news you'll hear:  The Cyprus money-grab has been cancelled postponed.  The news you won't hear: Not because it was a bad idea, but because the timing wasn't right.  Story:  Legal Insurrection

2) No Assault Weapons Ban.  Despite the senior senator's commie's efforts, Feinstein didn't have the Sandy Hook bodycount votes to pass the ban, nor the universal background check legislation.  Story: Breitbart

3)  Magpul to leave Colorado.  As promised, Magpul is leaving the New California, Colorado, because of tyranny.  The gun magazine limit of 15 will be signed tomorrow by the CO governor, and the maker of higher-capacity magazines will have production up and running in a new state within 30 days.  Story: Resistor in the Rockies

All of these stories are good news and deserve their own gloating posts.

But alas, "so many social engagements, so little time."

UPDATED 4:30pm:

The three news items above are all GOOD for us, and bad for them.  Beware - we've seen a pattern with our dear leader and his loser cronies: they are spiteful, and when they take a single loss they will use their power elsewhere to both hurt and intimidate us.  Watch for executive orders in the coming days.

UPDATED 4:45pm:

Is it too late to submit today's WSJ for consideration in the coming third part of Atlas Shrugged?

Anybody who says they predicted a front page like this is probably some kook who said there would be death panels in ObamaCare, and that the Stimulus was not intended to delay the collapse of union pension funds.

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