Saturday, March 02, 2013

This Is How You Fight Back

A hearty Ushanka Tip goes out to Magpul for their latest propaganda campaign.

Colorado is about to pass tyrannical gun-control legislation that would make Hitler proud.

Magpul, a Colorado company, has threatened to leave the state and take the 100+ jobs with it.  Likely to Texas, but we'd argue Wyoming is a bit closer and equally friendly.

But, the gun-grabbers don't care about jobs in Colorado.  They care about setting the stage for what ALWAYS follows the disarming of citizens: mass slaughter.

So Magpul is taking it one step further with the Boulder Airlift.  Immediate direct sales of their coveted PMAGs to Colorado citizens.  Bypass the distributers.  Get the PMAGs into the hands of Colorado's patriots immediately, before the law passes.  F**k the liberals progressives communists in the Colorado legislature.  F**k Governor Hickenlooper.

Brilliant.  Well played.

We were barely paying attention in 1994.  All we remember is the gun companies cowering in fear.  The tobacco companies had just caved and handed their balls to the Clinton lawyers and the gun companies were next on the target list.  Only one blinked.  Smith and Wesson offered to compromise with the tyrants.  (We haven't bought a new S&W since.)  Luckily, the final law had an expiration date and proved to be of no value in the reduction of gun violence.  It proved gun-control doesn't work.

This time companies are boycotting sales to law enforcement in the states like Colorado who want to s**t on the liberty of their citizens.  This time companies are threatening to leave their home states.  This time the gloves are off - both companies and citizens.  This time it might get ugly.

If it has to be, so be it.

U/T: Zhukov and Mr. B

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