Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rand Paul


Do we have a Bill of Rights?  Do we have a Constitution?  Will we defend it?

Our next president?


He'll be our pick IF he stays on course, and out-conservatives the other candidates.


Zhukov sends a photo from the crowd:

Notes from the rest of his speech:

Cutting corporate tax in half.  Wrong - it should be zero.  The Government already gets its tax revenues when the corporations sell their products.  Corporate tax is double taxation.  He should know this.

Flat income tax of 17%.  We'll take it, but it doesn't address the economic activity of consumption.  A consumption (sales) tax addresses activity, gives the taxpayer the option to pay tax, and collects tax from everybody - illegals, tourists, an underground economy, etc.  He should know this.

And he had to mention non-violent drug crimes and jail sentences. We understand the logic, but if you have 10 minutes to present to CPAC, there are more important things.  And, for the audience like yours truly, you've just reminded us that Libertarians don't share the same values of right, wrong, and consequences.

If we had to make a decision based on his 10 minute speech, we'd vote for someone else.  This guy claims the Libertarian label yet half-asses part of his policies.  He then allows himself the distraction of decriminalizing, thus promoting, gateway drug use.

So far, we're glad we didn't spend the gas money to be at CPAC.

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