Monday, March 11, 2013

Push Back

The Drudge headline today:

In the past month we've seen gun manufacturers threaten to leave anti-gun states and deny sales to law enforcement agencies within anti-gun states.

It appears that the Starbucks corporation is following their example.

We infer from the Drudge headline above that Starbucks has politely suggested to Mayor Bloomberg that he go f**k himself with regards to the mayor's new beverage size limits.  Bravo!

These Liberal Progressive Communists need to be reminded who they work for, and who pays their salaries.  Who work at jobs the government cronies couldn't qualify for and who produce services and products the takers feel entitled to.

Ayn Rand predicted all of this - the government encroachment and the corporation push back - in Atlas Shrugged.  Over 50 years ago!  If you haven't read it, click the link in our Library at the left.

Best.  Book.  Ever.

U/T: Starbucks (Where we were when we wrote this post)

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