Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Slippery Slope of Web Surfing

Some stuff we found on our travels this morning.

First, this important public safety video.  How to protect yourself from Obama's drones:

U/T: Knuckledraggin

More good news!  We will finally be equal in 2018:

U/T: 90Ninety Miles

Third, our quote of the day from a California blogger:
Dianne Feinstein and crew are about to make MILLIONS of us felons with the stroke of a pen. I’d expect a couple thousand of us are stupid enough to capitulate to this new law… THE VAST MAJORITY of us will NOT.
We, the brand new “felons” of America by act of pen rather than act of self will not turn in our guns. We the “Felons by Pen” rather than our own actions will be the best “felons” ever. Just wait to see what kind of business opportunities open up the minute the king signs this law.

If you the elected officials can make me a felon by the stroke of your pen, I’ll do my best to be the best felon I can be. Freedom from tyranny is not breaking the law, tyranny by law is breaking the oath of office. Treason is a word that has lost its bite. Treason is what is happening from Washington DC. NO LESS.
U/T: American and Proud

Fourth.  Something the Liberal Progressive Communist faculty members at our nation's colleges can use to spark the classroom debate about concealed carry.

Ha!  There will be NO classroom debate of concealed carry, anywhere! 

Get real, and "Keep Running!"

And last.  Have any idea what this chart is showing? 

It is going up - so things are getting better, right?

Don't click the chart it if you prefer blissful ignorance.

U/T: Captain Capitalism

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