Thursday, March 14, 2013


Started today.  And started poorly.  We're watching live at TheRightScoop's site.

Here is a panel that was talking about immigration.  The guy on the left was saying we (Republicans) must do something on immigration now, or we'll lose in 2014.  The other panelists didn't object.  We turned it off.


CONSERVATIVE Political Action Conference. 

Not Conservative POLITICAL Action Conference. 


F**k the 2014 election.  This is the time to be conservative. 

Lay out the CONSERVATIVE principles, then let the John Boehners and Chris Christies make what they can of it.  Until we have better politicians, we're stuck with the policies they agree to. 

But never, ever, dilute our values because we know our leaders are weak.

There will be some good speakers there this week, but the organizers did a poor job with this panel and the guy who spoke before them. 

A very disappointing start.

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