Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Cigar

We are celebrating a successful and very therapeutic road trip with a Rocky Patel Sun Grown.

We visited the three biggest bloggers (in our mind) during our 6-day road trip. 

Day One - We met Middle of the Right blogger Mr. B for lunch.  He is exactly the person one would expect from reading his posts, and is one of the few people who give us hope for the Libertarian movement.  This man knows his history and is quick to link events of the last century to events of today.  Karl had a burger and presented Mr. B with a Commie Obama hat.

Day Two - We met Captain Capitalism for a cigar and a forbidden discussion of innovative new ways to make money while we Enjoy the Decline (the name of his latest book).  Karl smoked a Rocky Patel Edge and Captain Capitalism entered the establishment wearing his Commie Obama hat.

Day Four - We met NiceDeb at a Starbucks and discussed religion, the decline in moral values among the youth, the curse of public education, general blogging approaches, and the tremendous loss last year of Andrew Breitbart.  We also talked about her upcoming visit to CPAC.  Karl had iced tea and fitted NiceDeb with her own Commie Obama hat.

We had an overlapping itinerary where we made several stops to see old high school friends, meet facebook friends, and spend a couple days with Karl's political mentor, Mikhail.

It was a wonderful trip with many visits to wonderful people, and we are quite lucky to have so many good comrades!


The Doktor said...


Mrs. Doktor and I enjoyed your visit as much as getting our monthly supply of beets!! We were entertained by your reading of Marx ("Why A Duck") and the singing of Lennon (Revolution) as we gorged ourselves on black bread, 6-day-old sausage, and Leninade flavored Vodka.

And the ride to the local party headquarters in your Zil was a thrill!

Many thanks for your lovely gifts which we will sell on the Black Market to acquire American blue jeans.


Comrade Doktor

Karl said...

Comrade Doktor!

Thank you so much for your hospitality!

You and your pretty babushka didn't have to share your potato with me. You two are too kind!

Thank you for helping me push-start the Zil. It was important that I continue my journey according to the itinerary I filed with the Illinois government. As you know, traveling through your state when one's papers are not in order is quite stressful.

Увидимся на работе лагеря,

Comrade Karl

The Doktor said...

Мы претендуем работать и они претендуют оплатить нас!