Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good Riddance UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 3.6 noon]

Hugo Chavez died yesterday while yours truly was sharing a cigar with Captain Capitalism.

We have to wonder what another cigar could do for humanity.

As a student of Communism, we never let ourselves become numb to the suffering.  We must learn.  We must remember.  We must understand so we can share our lessons here, and remain vigilent.

Having said that....  If suffering is going to happen, let it happen to the communists who gleefully confiscate wealth, liberty and the futures of their citizens at the barrel of a gun.  Like all communists, the ONLY life Chavez cared about was his own.

Chavez died yesterday after two years of fighting cancer.  This morning, we over slept.

Oh, we smoked a Rocky Patel Edge.

NiceDeb has some info on Chavez's successor.  Sounds like it'll be business as usual in Venezuela for a while.

Here are a couple photos of the communist:

UPDATED and BUMPED 3.13 Noon:

Tam's farewell:
His death made me sad and depressed.

I am always sad and depressed when a tyrant dies a natural death, rather than being hounded and torn by an enraged mob of his oppressed citizens, then hung from his heels in the public square to be beaten like a pinata by happy children.

That is a finale that gives me that warm, fuzzy sic semper tyrannis feeling down deep inside, not this wafting off into the never-never, veins pumped full of socialized painkillers distilled from the sweat of the toiling proletariat. There wasn't near enough screaming involved in Pugsley's curtain call.


Herr Wilson said...

As I've asked on other blogs: When will cancer liberate us, too?

BobG said...

Photo of which communist? I see more than one...

Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Could you maybe fire up a cigar in the name of "Fidel"?