Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Good Leader

It is easiest to identify a good leader when you've been burdened with a bad leader.  For about 4.5 years.  And 3.5, or more, to go.

Our strongest desire in life is to follow 'better people than us'.  A term we heard Rush use once - 'better people than us' are those that show us we can do better, remind us that we must try to be better, and are those who are our natural leaders (in both formal and informal roles).  They practice what they preach.  They are driven by doing what is right.

Off the top of our head we think of Reagan, Thatcher, Bush Sr and Jr, Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict XVI.  Could it be they all had anti-communist inspirations, and acted on their anti-communist inspirations???  These were 'good' leaders.

If grand leadership interests you, we'd recommend this book:  The President, the Pope and the Prime Minister.

We doubt we are the only non-catholic to be so excited about the new Pope, Pope Francis.  Here is one reason - a screenshot from Breitbart:

The Internet will be slow through today as we continue to ping NiceDeb's and Ann Barnhardt's sites for more info.

UPDATED 3.15 10am:

Rats.  Ann has posted.  Not too happy with the new pope.

Here are her comments that jumped out at us.
...he is an iron-fisted totalitarian against traditionalists
...he is huge, huge, huge on "social justice", which is merely code for Marxism.
Not only did they not elect a Ratzingerian, they elected the anti-Ratzinger.

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