Monday, February 06, 2012

Halftime In America

That was the title of Chrysler's Super Bowl commercial last night staring Clint Eastwood.

He's getting old, and his judgement is not what it used to be.

He tried to frame the Chrysler bailout as a positive event, bless his heart.  He probably doesn't remember that American citizens were forced into a criminal conspiracy.

1) Theft.  We were forced, at gunpoint, to invest our money into a company that all sane investors had long ago rejected.

2) Corruption.  Our money did not go into a company, it went into a union pension fund.  A pension fund that is gearing-up for an expensive election year.

3) Theft.  Non-Union owners of the Chrysler bonds were forced to take $0.10 on the dollar, while Union owners of the same bonds received full payment.  In other words, the Unions were given majority ownership of Chrysler and GM.

4) Waste.  The company's products still suck when compared to competitors - namely Ford.  Another bailed-out company, GM, sells cars that self-immulate.

Did you see a Super Bowl commercial for the Volt?  If not, why not?  What about a commercial for Solyndra?  Are we no longer green?  Are we just green when if favors political expediency?

Chrysler's Halftime in America commercial is just an updated Jimmy Carter malaise commercial.

Elect Democrats, and you are guaranteed sad speeches and sad commercials.

Our advice for car companies:

1) Design and build cool cars that people covet,

2) Create commercials that show off your cool cars.

Acura did just that:

So did Audi:

Chrysler and their government owners want you to think the decline they've created is everywhere.  That it is owned by all of us.  That we as a nation, under liberal guidance, can pull out of this funk.  Wrong on all counts.

Chrysler's depressing commercial shows the current state of Chrysler - a company that took it's eye off of the ball years ago.  A company that, like public education, prioritized unions over consumers and sealed their fate of despair and decline.

Our advice: Ignore the gloomy. Embrace the shiny.  Evict the liberals.


Rush Limbaugh offers his version of the Halftime Ad:

U/T: FB Friend Amy


This one from ReasonTV:

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rjp said...

Watch the Chrysler commercial without sound.

It is nothing but random shots.