Wednesday, February 01, 2012

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Zombie Sheets.  Buy Here.

A new song: Right To Bear

A new product: Pink Mist

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UPDATE 2.2 8am

If there is one thing that has been missing from our life, it is a song called The Sheeple Song.

As of today, our life is complete.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. FXHUMMEL1:

UPDATE 2.2 5pm

About a month or so ago at a grocery store near Indianapolis, a robbery took place.

A bad guy shoved an object (never been identified) in the back of a store employee and led that employee to the manager's office.

Another Kroger employee saw this.... and was armed.  The Kroger employee shot the bad guy dead.

I've followed this story via RobertaX, who lives in Indianapolis.  Here is her first post, and a later post.

Weer'd reports today that the employee has volunteered to quit.  It appears Kroger policy requires their employees to behave like Sheeple (see above) when their life is threatened.  A policy this employee ignored.

Apparently, that corporation has weighed the impact of dead employees vs. higher insurance premiums and come out in favor of their insurance carrier.

Bad Kroger.  Bad.

U/T: Roberta and Weer'd

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