Monday, February 13, 2012

Questions for the Dear Leader

If excessive government spending leads to lower wages, leaner pensions and less jobs when the money runs out - which then leads to riots and despair - why are you taking us down the same path?

Why will it be different here?

While we wait for our Dear Leader to respond to our questions above, let's read how Ann Barnhardt suggests it may be different here:

In case you hadn't heard, Greece is burning tonight, as those people would rather burn their own country to the ground than turn loose of the government teat. Take notes and learn well, because if a bunch of middle class Greeks will do this, just imagine what the welfare class in this country will do when our inevitable collapse happens. It will be far, far worse here. The hip-hop culture absolutely guarantees that it won't just be looting and burning. There will be RAPING. Got guns? Got ammo?

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