Sunday, February 26, 2012


In the past week we've seen a great movie and read a great book.

Both show Chechens as the in-human monsters of our time.

Act of Valor is clearly not of Hollywood.  The bad guys aren't some fringe secret Nazi group bent on world domination.  They are Chechen muzzie scum dedicated to one thing - evil.

Act of Valor was great on multiple levels - the personal sacrifice with family and friends.  The professional sacrifice for brothers in arms.  The noble sacrifice for our great country.

The action is fun too.

We'll leave it at that to avoid any spoilers.  It ranks up there with Black Hawk Down.  If you've served, go see it to remind yourself of the quality of our service members.  If you haven't served, go see what others do on your behalf.

Terror at Beslan is a book written by John Giduck.  We had the honor in 2011 to see Mr. Giduck speak in Cincinnati and review the Beslan terror siege, and the lessons learned.

Mr. Giduck offers a new perspective (for us) on the Chechen problem in Russia.  While we see evil with Putin and his ilk, and see Putin's hand in multiple journalist murders and generally believe the stories of Russian atrocities in Chechnya, this book has opened our eyes to the Chechen terror.

Reading this book, then going to Act of Valor, was an unplanned epiphany for us.  We encourage our like-minded comrades to take-in both as well.

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