Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Origin of Preppers

"Preppers" is the label for those who hoard food, fuel, seeds, silver, rifles and medicine for a coming collapse.

The collapse can be an EMP attack, food shortage, global financial meltdown, anarchy, a Zombie Apocalypse, and/or an Obama second term.

You know, something of biblical proportions:

Here are links to searches on the term "Prepper":  Google.  YouTube.  The deeper you dig, the more you'll find serious people considering serious scenarios.

If we had to pick a disaster, the financial collapse scenario seems the most likely.

The Greece disaster has been given a positive spin in the media and mis-managed by the other European powers.  Greece cannot pay its debts and will walk away from those debts in the end.  Could be tomorrow, could be 2013.  The bailouts have set a precedent that the other Europeans cannot afford, yet are already duplicating with Portugal, Spain and others.

Our Dear Leader has duplicated Greece's mistakes of deficit spending, redistribution (aka theft) to the unproductive, and a disregard for proven growth strategies.

He is introducing similar destabilizing policies here.  With enthusiasm.

Our motivation for this post comes from Karl Deniger, who posted this Bill Whittle video:

There are Preppers.  There are people who make fun of Preppers.  There are people who are confident these warnings have no merit.  And there are those who are blissfully ignorant.

Some think they will have to survive on their own, and others who are positive the government will be there for them.

Who are you?


rjp said...

Having 5 gallons of beans in a sealed bucket might not be a bad thing to have stashed away just in case.

Karl said...

I dislike beans almost as much as I dislike lib-commie-bedwetters.

But as our favorite gun-blogger,, says: to a prepper, a tornado or hurricane is just a storm.

I'm looking for someone who thinks the government is going to be there with food, water and medicine when a grid goes down for 3 months, or US currency loses becomes useless.

I'm looking for someone like Obama to tell me I'll be taken care of...