Monday, February 06, 2012

Religious Liberty UPDATED x2 and BUMPED

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Ann Barnhardt's posts: The Entire Sad Contraceptive Issue Explained, Parts I-III

Do you think that it is just a crazy coincidence that the same people who want to force you to pay for contraception and abortion are the same people who murdered over 100 million people, NOT counting abortions, in the 20th century alone? When are you going to understand that Marxism is satanic and from hell itself, and that contraception is one of the cornerstones of Marxism and totalitarian oligarchy?

Please read all three parts.

NiceDeb's post: Obama Picks Fight with Catholic Church in an Election Year: Game On.

She posts these two videos of Glenn Beck discussing this issue.

You don't need to be catholic to understand the threat. (We aren't Catholic).

Remember, the one common trait of the Nazis and Soviet Communists was Moral Nihilism: The rejection of religious and traditional family values.  It is the goal of evil to be replace God and parents with government.

Moral Nihilism is here.  

It is the threat.  

Do you see it?

NiceDeb has plenty of other information at that post too, including the letter from Bishop Marquette of Michigan.

The two references mentioned in Glenn's videos:

Catholic Advocate

Respect for Rights and Conscious Act


Found at Townhall:


Found at IOTW:

Drudge just linked to CNS News: a battle line has formed with our military clergy.  Obey the Obama Administration and stay mum on this issue, or speak out for Catholics and their values?

Read it so you'll understand why we are converting this post to a Tribute Post in Archbishop Timothy Broglio's honor.


rjp said...

Did she just post Part III?

I don't remember it or the last paragraph of Part II being there the list time I visited her site.

Karl said...

Yes - part 3 is still showing at her site

rjp said...

I don't see the Catholic Church denouncing the Democrats.

Just won't happen.