Thursday, November 06, 2014

2014: The Black Vote

Normally there is nothing to say about the voting habits of America's blacks.  95% Democrat.  97% Democrat.  It isn't a voting demographic.  It is an agreement.

But something happened in Tuesday's election that suggests some open-mindedness within the black community.  (Or, so many black Democrat voters stayed home that it skewed the percentages.)  I'll write the rest of this post as if it is the former.

Look at these numbers, shared by Gateway Pundit:
Gateway posted this table to draw attention to the Asian vote.  Obama got 71% of the Asian vote just two years ago.

One possible reason for this change could be that Asians bought into the race BS in 2012 and don't today.  It is likely that most Asians realize that "Race," when discussed in Democrat circles has nothing to do with their race, but only that of blacks and hispanics.  Asians, including Indians (red dot, not feather), don't qualify for Affirmative Action and special handouts.  They are lumped in with the crackers.

Gateway may have identified the biggest move in racial politics, but I think the changes in the black vote deserve attention.  97% to 89% is a huge move in two years.  But wait - there's more!

Check out the WSJ: Democratic Coalition Frays Around Edges in Midterm Elections.  They tell us  that Ohio's black vote was only 75% Democrat.  25% of Ohio's black voters voted to re-elect John Kasich as governor
Democrats, meanwhile, couldn’t motivate black voters in certain states to duplicate their 2010 turnout, let alone the historic 2008 and 2012 levels that propelled Mr. Obama. Ohio’s GOP Gov. John Kasich, at the same time, won the support of a quarter of African-American voters—compared with 10% for GOP candidates nationally.
Worth posting FYI.  I'll celebrate when this is proven to be a trend rather than a one-time event. 


Condoleezza Rice was asked her opinion on this topic - The Hill:
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday slammed Democrats who sought to use race against Republicans in the midterm elections, saying they were offensive and out of touch.

“The idea that you would play such a card and try fearmongering among minorities just because you disagree with Republicans, that they are somehow all racists, I find it appalling, I find it insulting,” she said on Fox News.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha, Asians lumped in with the crackas.

Is that because they be all smart an' stuff? They be all "intellectual" and readin' and stuff?

Yeah, they don't be needin' any o' 0bama's stash.