Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Unless you've been busy trying to sign up for ObamaCare these past couple weeks, you already know about Jonathan Gruber.

You already know he was the key consultant and architect of the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare.  He conspired with Nancy Pelosi, Obama and others to get it passed.  He earned over $4,000,000 in consulting fees, paid for by taxpayers.

Gruber says they took advantage of "stupid voters" when they marketed the bill.
Ok if we blame this stupidity you speak of on government run public schools?

Gruber obviously believes they needed stupid voters to get their bill passed.  What I haven't seen anyone explore yet is: which voters are the stupid ones?
Democrats all agree that he meant the Republican voters are stupid.
Republicans all agree that he meant Democrats.
And all agree that at one time or another we all have said the same thing of voters.
 We need to dig deeper.  

Passing ObamaCare came down to Senator Mary Landrieu's vote.  It came down to the Senate.  The blue and red squares below represent all the senate votes for the bill:

Democrats wanted the bill passed.
Gruber confirms they had to get enough stupid people to vote for it.
Stupid people elected enough Democrats to pass the bill.
The bill passed with only Democrat votes.

Why does it seem only conservatives are upset at Gruber's remarks?

Why aren't Democrats furious that they are being called "stupid" by Democrat consultants?

Senator Landrieu will be in a runoff election on December 4th.  We'll see then how those stupid voters in Louisiana decide...

Still not convinced?  

Check out my Commie Obama Hat GiveAway videos from Dayton and Cincinnati.   

Warning: These videos will hurt your brain.


Check out this excellent 2-min video on the subject, via ZH:

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Robert What? said...

Despite being Jewish, Gruber would have made an excellent Nazi. I can easily see him with his condescending smirk sending off to the gas chambers anyone of "insufficient intellect". Of course, if you dissent from the State, that also "proves" you are of insufficient intellect.