Monday, February 02, 2015

Screenshot Clearing

Just some things that caught my eye in the past week:

Pay every American $556?  Is it me, or is Drudge trying to inspire envy among its viewers?  What right-winger looks at a company's cash on hand and thinks of distributing it stealing it to distribute to others?  I'm offended.

It has started.  The 2016 presidential race.  Please, count me out.  Too early.  Even my FB comrades are jumping in with their picks, and they are normally a reserved crowd.  The only positive with this early start will be any zingers directed at the Democrats commies.  When the primary season starts, I'll chime in.  This is today's Drudge survey:

The newspeak engineers at MarketWatch are doing their part to lead the national dialogue.  Once an MSM commie, always a MSM commie.  And notice the MSM's subliminal admission that their guy is leaving a big stinking mess....

Pulled from a financial website.  0.90% interest on savings?!  What a disgrace Keynesism, its followers and our culpable financial institutions have become.  And as-if Americans have $$ to put into savings.

Do you notice how the liberal progressive communist old media still report the president's policy desires, even when there is no chance in hell he can get anything passed through congress?  This is just noise to you and me, but it is designed to sway little publicly-educated minds to the coming campaign: Austerity (don't spend more than you bring in) Sucks.


The Drudge GOP Poll results are in.  253k votes. 

America may have some tough times ahead, but not all is lost.  For example, it is refreshing to see an online GOP presidential poll without Ron Paul's name on it.

I will do as I always do: vote for the most conservative in the primaries, then vote for the nominee.  (AKA: The Buckley Rule)  And unlike previous GOP lineups, I could vote for anyone in this list. 

But stay tuned for some harsh criticisms of whoever takes the lead and wins the nomination.  Unless the nominee shows up to the convention wearing a Don't Tread on Me t-shirt with an AR-15 chambered and slung on his/her back, I'm not going to be kind with my words.  There is no such thing as "too conservative," or "too aggressive," or "too angry."

America is due for a leader.  I'm hoping the weeding-out process starts for the five in this list who do not have executive experience.  Followed by a good old-fashioned RINO cleansing.

What do you think?


David said...

I'm with's way too early.

However, I would be pretty comfortable predicting that Scott Walker will be an ancient memory by the time the primary rolls around, and will not even be a factor.

This simply by virtue of the fact that the media seems to have already picked him, and there is no way he is going to go wire-to-wire.

Politics just doesn't work that way, so I'd say Walker is finished.

Karl said...

Ya David, I wonder if Walker isn't throwing his hat in to learn the process, build his core team, and then be taken seriously in later years.

All this poll shows is that Drudge has more Walker fans than others.