Thursday, February 05, 2015

Swiftboating: Brian Williams

Proving the Ushanka axiom once again: Liberals lie, cheat, steal (redistribute), agitate, and encourage others to do the same.

The latest to get caught is old-media man, Brian Williams.  He works for old-media company, NBC.

He's bragged on his bio, and to fellow lib Letterman, that he encountered enemy fire while on a US military helicopter in Iraq.  The air crews from that day remember otherwise and have called him out.

Mr. Williams has removed the lie from his bio and has made a lame attempt at an apology.  In other words, he's sorry he got caught.

Via WZ.  2:50 mark:

Memory Lane - our most recent Secretary of State:

Memory Lane - Our current Secretary of State:

Frauds.  Every last one of them.

But they mean well.

UPDATED 3:30pm:

Check these out!  Diann, at ATRS:

Disloyal Subject, at ATRS:


More updates:
Liar, Dan Rather, comes to Brian's defense.
Brian told Team America star, Alec Baldwin, that he thought he was going to die.

UPDATED 2.6.15 11am:

Doug reminds us that Mr. Williams criticized bloggers because we lack... wait for it.... credibility.

UPDATED 2.7.15 3:30pm:

I've collected 30 Brian Williams images from FB and other blogs!  More than I can reasonably share!
Something a little different.  Some creative writing from World News Bureau - a news source with far more credibility than Williams' NBC.  Finally, somebody is cutting Brian some slack!
Having also experienced the nerve-wracking, frantic confusion of being in combat, I can understand how easy it would be to forget minor details like which helicopter got shot down and whether I was in it. When bombs are flying and bullets are exploding, there's no time to take notes - every second is spent figuring out how you're going to get out of that disintegrating warbird, if you were to be in it.

UPDATED 2.7.154:30pm:

Apparently the mockery has become too much for NBC....

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