Monday, February 23, 2015

What Happens In the USSR. . .

. . .Should stay in the USSR.

I met with a very high-level blogger from IOTW a few days ago.  A well placed hand grenade would have set the conservative (aka resistance) movement back by decades.  But luckily, liberals progressives communists throw like girls.  ATRS:

So the comrade and I finalized the plans for 2016 to get --redacted-- elected with only a 100 vote margin in the battleground state --redacted--, and we part ways.  I head towards the Mandalay Bay parking structure and am faced with this 25 foot remnant from Cold Wars gone by.

Here is a close up of the sign.  The statue stands next to a vodka bar called Red Square.

Look, I get it.  Communism is coming to the States.  Trust me, I know.  And the idea man behind this bar must be a smart fella, because he knows alcoholism quickly follows the establishment of a worker's paradise.  But can we take one step at a time?  We've barely started the civil unrest stage.

Am I asking too much?

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