Saturday, February 07, 2015

Weekend Tab Clearing

Trying to keep up with all the cool stuff out there....

Knuckledragg'in tells us all we need to know about the Eric Holder replacement:
[Loretta Lynch] was picked up as a gate-keeper by Obama to continue all of the cover up actions by Holder and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, to shield Holder and Obama from criminal prosecution.
Comrade and author Matt Bracken shared this cool site with us on FB.  NukeMap: Plot the effects of a nuclear warhead on or near your home town to see the fireball radius, air blast and radiation effects.  You can select from a list of current and past warhead yields as well as air burst vs surface burst.  Here is the map for a Ft. Knox 1.2 megaton surface detonation:

The US Marine Corp Facebook page posted this Reagan photo today.  I'm shocked that they don't have young men lining up outside recruiters' offices.  All we had back in the 80's was "Be All You Can Be."  No FB, no cool commercials.  Nothing.  If you wanted to learn more about the military, you'd either talk to a vet or a recruiter.  Vets were just coming out of their post-Vietnam funk back then.  It was rare to hear anything positive about the military.  Recruiters weren't much better.  I joined (Army Reserves) because I had made the decision to join at 13-14 years old.  Why?  It was a rite of passage thing.  And because the only people who had cool stories were vets.  I've posted before on my advice re: a military career.

Bonus pic!

English Russia has posted some photos of dolls found near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster site.  The accident happened in 1986.  I recall hearing the news and thinking of all the Soviet citizens who were being lied to.  Whose movement was restricted.  Whose lives were secondary to the state's need to avoid embarrassment.

Our comrade over at CRASHR posted this 1934 cartoon.

While the cartoon above is appropriate today as it was then, not all governments are committing suicide.  Straightline Logic has a great post on the proposed changes in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong government officials should know better. The government is running a surplus, interferes very little with the freest economy on the planet, and is proposing to lower taxes and return money to its citizens. Haven’t they learned the lesson of history, the lesson from the US’s own Industrial Revolution, when the US government pretty much followed the same policies? (There wasn’t even an income tax or central bank, for chrissakes!) Don’t they know about this black period in US economic history, when real incomes doubled and economic growth in the US hit its all-time highs as prices actually went down and innovation exploded?

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