Monday, February 02, 2015

Quote of the Day

Yours truly, commenting on this liberal propaganda image which was shared by a comrade on FB:

$175, plus what? Section 8. Free healthcare. Free education. Obama phones. There are over 25 govt. services for her, including services to help her find those services. Zero sympathy here. Can't afford the kid? There is a service for that too: adoption. But only do the adoption thing if you. actually. care. for. the. kid.
You say "harsh?" 

Libs would be mistaken if they think I can't say that to the faces of these deadbeat mothers.  They are the face of the Democrat Party.

While the govt has its fingers in my pie for life via excessive and progressive taxation, I'm done feeling sorry for these people because of their poor decisions and I will not volunteer a single penny extra to their plight.

My biological mother put me before her claim to other people's money.  In the 60's, adoption was called "Pro-Choice."

[one commenter suggested this is an old image, and that the actual benefit per child is closer to $350/mo.]

UPDATED 2.3.15 11am:

A hat owner and FB comrade shared this related pic:

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