Sunday, February 15, 2015

2016 Democrat Convention - What I Think

The Democrats announced their 2016 convention site this past week.  America's next Detroit, Philadephia, is the chosen city.  Why?

Rush Limbaugh made a good point:
[It] doesn't make any sense.  You have the Declaration of Independence, you got the Constitution written in Philadelphia.  Why in the world would the Democrats want to go there?
But he also suggested real-estate investors could take advantage of the clean-up and preparations.  As if a gathering of Democrats - unlikely to keep the White House - will proceed without chaos.

While I recognize Rush as a master in this realm, my gut says he's wrong. 

I'd suggest those real-estate investors keep their property insurance paid in full.  Or sell.  Now.

I think the city was selected as the next step in the Democrat's Crisis-as-a-Means, Class and Race War strategies. 

I think the Democrats want a repeat of the 1968 Democrat Convention riots.   It isn't like they have a record to run on.

Here is my thinking:

OCCUPY was a test-run of the later Ferguson uprisings.  Like Hitler did in Germany, the Democrats are seeking out motivated leaders at the street level.  Some call these "community organizers."  It was a brilliant method to find the most hateful and the most envious among the German underclass, and a key reason the National Socialists rose to power so fast.  (Remember, Hitler was elected on both class and race warfare themes, unlike his International Socialist counterparts in Russia who took power and stuck mostly with class warfare.)  Some leaders emerged from OCCUPY.  They oversaw the rapes, the tent cities and the pooping on police cars.

Next, Ferguson.  Ferguson was a larger test run in preparation for the Democrat Convention.  More sites, more proven leaders, and probably more levels of management.  Like the Nazis, Ferguson's civil disobedience was fueled by both class and racial animosity. 

I think the selection of Philadelphia is ideal if the Democrat Party wants a repeat of the 1968 convention in Chicago.  Tons of disenfranchised Obama voters who are now angry because the redistribution promised was far from the redistribution achieved.  (Implementation of Marx never delivers the intentions of Marx.)  Yes, many middle class Americans were harmed by Obama, and many damaging policies were put in place to further cause harm to the greatest country in the history of man.  But "been there, done that, got my ObamaPhone" isn't much of a slogan after two presidential terms.  These people have a choice:  Either 1) admit their votes were wrong, the Democrats will never help them and their Party is bankrupt of ideas.  Or 2) get angry.

I think the spark for the Philadelphia riots next year will be the 1985 police bombing of the Black Liberation movement, MOVE

On May 13th 1985, the Philadelphia Police Department tried to evict MOVE.  There were MOVE members who had warrants for arrest, and the eviction order was justified by the health and noise violations.  (MOVE members piled their human waste in their yard...)

In a scene similar to the ATF's assault on the Branch Davidians 8 years later, the police first ignited the MOVE residence, then stood by as 65 structures burned to the ground.  Eleven MOVE members were killed including the leader and five children.

The 30 year anniversary of that stupid police action is this May.  Nine MOVE leaders are in jail serving lifetime sentences for murdering police officer James J. Ramp in 1978.  Obama could dangle presidential pardons for them in exchange for more enthusiasm from his inner-city supporters.

The Democrats may have succeeded in their drive for civil unrest these past years.  But they have failed to spark a reaction from the police or the public that would rally the masses in more violence.

I know Obama shares a Black Liberation background, having attended Rev. Wright's Black Liberation church for 20 years.

I know Philadelphia is another Democrat city on the verge of collapse.

I know Pennsylvania has a corrupt Democrat Attorney General.  More at: Ushanka, and PennLive.

I know the Philadelphia Democrats understand the power of intimidation.

What am I missing?

I hope the police make protecting Independence Hall a priority next summer.


Robert What? said...

I hope the law abiding citizens of Philadelphia and surroundings are well armed.

Anonymous said...

I hope the commies repeat the 1968 Democratic Convention. Remember the outcome of 1968 and 1972. Its hard to believe anyone got taken in by Carter in 1976 but people then as now wanted to believe the lies.