Sunday, February 08, 2015

Whack-a-Mole Gun Control

The Liberal Progressive Communist gun-grabbers are in retreat in every battle across America.

This is not to gloat.  We could be in a situation similar to the Vietnam War, where every battle was won yet the war was lost at the top.  In our case, we are just one Supreme Court seat away from potentially losing it all.  The GOP pick in 2016 is another concern, with over half the prospective candidates having some RINO characteristic (and establishment GOP support).

Washington State was the latest mole to pop up its head in our Whack-a-Mole resistance.  Yesterday a group of roughly 100 patriots showed up to the capital to whack the politicians who voted for I594, an obnoxious law passed last November.  Many of the protesters were under arms.  The Bloomburg-controlled legislature moles knew they were coming and locked them out of the chamber.  The people's chamber.  Arrests were expected but did not happen.

The mission was accomplished as the message was received.

The I594 law was marketed as a law that would end the 'gun show loophole,' and require background checks for private sales.  It instead requires a background check for a gun loan, whether you loan a rifle to a friend during hunting season, or hand your firearm to a friend whom you're teaching gun safety to.  You can learn more at the Vote No on I594 site.  It is a silly law meant to trap lawful gun owners rather than protect the people.

Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars, center in photo above, was one of the event's speakers. Here he is giving a short talk.  His full speech was posted at Gates of Vienna.

For we are divided today — as the Founders were themselves divided from their fellow countrymen — along the stark lines of the answer to the fundamental question: Does the government serve the people or do the people serve the government? It is a simple question. It is the most basic of questions. And the answer is either one or the other. It cannot be both. It cannot be compromised. Who serves whom? That is what we are here today, in some small part, to discover.

Mike's after-action report

Western Rifle's full coverage (tweets, photos, etc.)

U/T: The Washington Patriots who showed up in the rain yesterday, and Mike.

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Anonymous said...

One must stay vigilant when defending freedom – the anti- liberty gun grabber brigades never admit defeat and never go away, they simply change tactics.

Where once they went after specific weaponry “Saturday night specials” and “Assault Weapons” they are now going after your very right to control you own possessions and property with new forms of so-called ‘Background checks’ – this while pretending existing checks don’t exist with their pushing of the “Gun-show Loophole” Lie.

This appears to be their next line of attack, pushing Interpersonal Background Checks, Intercontinental Background Checks, Universal Background Checks, Interdimensional Background Checks, Intergalactic Background Checks, etc. etc..

For once they succeed in requiring you to obtain permission from the government for your civil rights they will no longer exist.