Friday, February 20, 2015

Black Tide Rising - A Zombie Series

The reason I've been scarce these past few months has been a four-book series called Black Tide Rising.  I've added this series to my Best Zombie Books post - always linked in the Library section to the left.

Under a Graveyard Sky is book #1 by John Ringo.  Here is his Amazon page.

Fun, Fun, Fun! 

The pages will turn themselves and you will not be disappointed!  Imagine a family of four, including two teenage daughters - who were brought up right.  Imagine some suspicious occurrences and a heightened sense of survival. 

Naked Zombies!  But they are still alive!

They chase lasers, just like kittens.

They screw.

And daughter #2, little Miss Faith, sets a new standard for killing Zombies.

The series has a nautical theme, as the family escapes to the Atlantic.  Then they find survivors.  Then they organize.  Then they start to rebuild human civilization.

An excellent series, and I don't think it ends at book #4.


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