Thursday, April 25, 2013

Buy Recommendation

Hat-owning, gun-toting, tax-striking, koran-burning, ball-busting Ann Barnhardt is selling her Colorado license plate on eBay:
You are bidding on Ann Barnhardt's MOLNLBE Colorado Vanity License Plate.

Ann can no longer tolerate having the emblem of a pot-smoking, gun-grabbing, sodomite-worshiping, communist totalitarian cess pit of a state on her vehicle, no matter how completely admirable and excellent the sentiment of the text itself.

Galt's Gulch in Colorado? Oh, I think not, sir.

Opening bid is $0.99. Free shipping via USPS. 

This would look great in a gun safe or militia headquarters.

We want, but too rich for our blood.  Now at $910!

2 days and 10 hours left on the auction.  Support a comrade - make a bid!

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