Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quote of the Day

Doug Ross, regarding North Korea's threats:
Ironic: the same Democrats that ridiculed Reagan's missile defense initiative are also the first to beg the Pentagon for protection using those very same systems.
Damn right Doug! (or Papa B, if he is the source)

Reagan announced SDI in March 1983 and there were only a few that believed it could be done: Reagan, and the Soviet Politburo.  Everybody, including many on the Reagan team thought the old man was losing it.  Obama said "no" to missile defense for Poland to placate his like-minded buddy Medvedev, even though the defense was to protect against missiles from Iran and other middle east states.

Whether it is gun-control or arms-control, the Democrats always vote in favor of an unarmed victim. 

The chubby dictator threatened the attack for yesterday, but we're still here.  We've been pondering the reason why.

Did Kim Jung Un call in sick?  "Can't make it today guys.  I over did it last week."

Or did the project manager forget that one week is needed to fuel the rocket?  This project task can not be done simultaneously to moving the rocket to the launch pad.  This is a fixed-duration task!

Maybe no volunteers have stepped forward to light the fuse?

Or, did they use game theory to play out a North Korean first strike against the US or South Korea?  Un: "We bomb them, then they surrender and send us food."  General: "Uh sir.  We may want to consider another sequence of events..."

Or maybe...  Un does not want to rattle his sword anymore until he replaces his ratty North Korean ushanka with an authentic and stylish Commie Obama ushanka?


ZeroHedge shares this secret launch footage (Slow to load - large file):

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